The Manzanita Estates development overlooks the beautiful historic town of Mariposa, California, in the Sierra Nevada foothills which creates a picturesque setting rivaled by none.

Home to Yosemite National Park's magnificent Valley with its unsurpassed natural beauty, Mariposa County stands among the last of California's counties still largely rural, uncrowded, pristine and at the same time affordable. The town of Mariposa, at about 2,000 feet elev., is the ideal setting for your new home. Conveniently located just above the winter fogs from the Central Valley and below the snows of the high Sierras, Manzanita Estates offers spectacular scenery, and easy driving access to the high mountains and the seashore. Its quality schools, friendly involved citizens and thriving business all contribute to the ambiance of solid, small town integrity and pride. 

Property for sale includes large estate parcels featuring dramatic views, conveniently located town blocks, beautiful one acre parcels, as well as quarter acre parcels with the option for high density housing.